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in the birthplace of ethereum.
ETHToronto is a free event - apply to join!

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WE’RE COMING BACK! August 13-16, 2023  | TORONTO, CANADA

ETHToronto is a free community event



Great ways to attend ETHToronto hackathon

Whether you’d like to be a hacker, mentor, sponsor, speaker or volunteer, there’s something for you at ETHToronto! 


Building a project on Ethereum? Showcase it at ETHToronto. Get advice and guidance from experienced developers in the space, and have the opportunity to win prize bounties.


Want to give guidance and advice directly to upcoming Ethereum developers and help create some ground breaking projects? Come share your knowledge with these hard working devs. They need you.


Come teach and inspire up and coming Ethereum developers and enthusiasts. Share your story and help make the ecosystem even stronger.


Volunteering is one of the best ways to get involved! Get behind the scenes access and help put on the show.




Past Speakers, Mentors and Judges

There will be dozens of speakers giving sessions, workshops and panels. We will continuously update

Speaker Application

2023 Media Partners

SporkDAO is coming
to Toronto!

ETHToronto is excited to partner with SporkDAO and the ETHDenver community!  Similar to ETHDenver we will be utilizing the power of SporkDAO to truly decentralize our event and make it community owned.

Go TO SporkDAO

Blockchain Futurist Conference

Hosted at Canada’s Largest Blockchain Event!

All ETHToronto participants receive access to Blockchain Futurist Conference for free! Get access to 3 stages, over 100+ speakers, exhibitor booths, outdoor cabana area and more!

Go To Futurist Conference

Rebel Entertainment Complex & Cabana

11 Polson Street. Toronto,
ON.Canada M5A 1A4

Organized by Untraceable Events

Untraceable has been organizing ETH Hackathons since 2014 in Toronto!

About the HACkATHON

From the organizers of the original ethereum hackathons

Untraceable Events has organized the earliest ethereum hackathon's in the world, starting at the Bitcoin Expo in 2014 in Toronto, BlockGeeks hackathon in 2016 and organized the original ETHWaterloo in 2017. This year Untraceable has teamed up with CryptoChicks, ETHDenver and a ton of other incredible partners to put together ETHToronto - in the birthplace of Ethereum, Toronto, Canada.

We are at capacity! If you want to join in. on the fun, purchase a futurist ticket to gain access to booths and presentations.

CryptoChicks Academy Logo


Over 25 courses on Blockchain Development, Business Research, Entrepreneurship and more available to all hackers!

How to Build A Decentralized App on Ethereum

Ethereum Calls and Transactions

Ethereum Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

Build A Marketplace Platform, Business Plan & Market Research and more


Frequently Asked Questions

Who can participate at ETHToronto?

ETHToronto is a community event and free to all participants. We are always accepting developers from beginner to expert levels.

How much does it cost to attend?

ETHToronto is a free event! You won't have to worry about meals, snacks or drinks, we have that covered throughout the hackathon!

How many people can be on a team?

You can have up to 6 people on your team!

What if I don't have/know anyone to form a team?

That's okay! You will have the opportunity to form teams when you get to ETHToronto!

What are the prizes for ETHToronto hackathon?

Prizes and bounties are based on the sponsors of the event. Keep checking back to learn about the newest prizes. The first crypto hackathon Untraceable organized in 2014 we gave away 35 BTC to the top prize winner! I hope they HODL'd!

Are there overnight accommodations for hackers?

Hackers have the opportunity to stay and hack overnight at the ETHToronto Hacker Dome for free on August 9, 2022! The dome is two indoor soccer fields. Hackers will be able to sleep on one side of the dome on turf. Hackers must bring their own sleeping bag, pillow, air mattresses and even tents that they can set up indoors if they want to stay overnight.

How can I get involved in the hackathon if I'm not a developer?

We have a lot of ways for non-developers to get involved in the hackathon. Apply as an attendee, volunteer, sponsors, judge, mentor. Apply To join here https://untraceable.typeform.com/ethtoronto

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